Lindsey Nhingsavath, Media Correspondent

Lindsey Nhingsavath is a photographer formerly in Kansas City but has moved back home to Colorado in hopes of growing as a person. While she has been doing photography for 8 years, she has been a part of the fashion industry for the past three years specializing in portraits and editorial photography. She started out with local KC fashion shows after making the right connections with photography and has strived to continue making those connections to building a bigger community for not only herself but those around her as well. She enjoys the whole social aspect of being able to meet people and learn about their unique stories.

While photography is what she is known for, Lindsey is currently a surgical assistant at Rose Surgical Center in Denver that has recently moved from Kansas City to pursue her doctorates in Physical Therapy at the University of Colorado’- Boulder. She currently has a bachelors in Sports Medicine and an associates in Health Sciences with a minor in business and marketing with hopes of starting her own practice or working in the pediatrics department because of her passion with working with children. In her free time she enjoys coaching gymnastics, soccer, gymnastics and teaching dance to kids of all ages. She hopes to be able to wear a cape one day and change lives like a superhero, but until then, she just strives to do her best and love unconditionally to all of those around her. 

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