Kyle R

Kyle R, Brand Ambassador

Diagnosed with high-functioning autism at the early age of 3, Kyle has had many obstacles and challenges throughout his journey of life. By way of counseling and rigorous therapy throughout the years, he has been able to overcome every challenge in life and conquered many obstacles.

Kyle has participated in sports (football) throughout high school, graduated with his associates degree, and is working towards attaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from UMKC University of Missouri-Kansas City, with the goal of being an accountant at a large firm. If you would ask Kyle, “what keeps him going despite what others may say?” he would always mention that he is blessed to have a strong support system of family and friends who refused to let him have disbelief in his abilities, regardless of the diagnosis. They believed in him even when he didn’t believe in himself.

He does not only give credit to his strong family support and therapist, but he gives full credit to his strong Christian faith. He admits that is what really keeps him grounded believing that he can achieve anything he fixates his mind on, regardless of his diagnosis. His favorite saying is #AutismIsMySuperPower and he truly believes it.

In April 2021, he had the opportunity to attend one of the FHA events, where he had the pleasure of meeting Josh Bolen & Mariah Kelli, and share his story with them. Kyle is now excited to join FHA so that he may share his story with the community and be a beacon of light and hope for others. While his career goal is to be an accountant, it is his utmost desire to be a light of hope, change, and inspiration to other children and young adults who are on the spectrum, and help them believe that Autism could be their super power too.

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