Living with autism means looking at the world with a different aspect. Children and teens with autism spectrum disorder have needs which are different from what an ordinary person has; they look and think outside the box and have a different coping mechanism according to situations.

You see, individuals on the Spectrum have one or more interests, and if they live by their interests, it can really help them be more confident about who they are.

Sometimes, people on the Spectrum need a medium to translate their feelings and emotions into. Some will take up art, some reading and writing and others, they will embrace fashion! 

It is simply a way through which they can reflect how they feel and what they feel comfortable in.

How does embracing autism with fashion help?

Fashion is all about how you control it as it represents an image of you. Some living on the Spectrum can have changing moods, and so fashion is something through which they can show their change of emotions. 

With time those contrasting colored clothes, the 90’s styled high heeled shoes and full-length rainbow colored socks become a form of acceptance and self-care.

Here Is How Fashion Can Help Youth On The Spectrum:

Gives a feeling of Joy And Comfort

Youth on the Spectrum usually have a sudden shift of moods, and they also develop attachments with things they will probably never let go of.

If it is fashion, the way they dress which gives them content and compliance, then they will always feel much relaxed and joyful whenever they look at it.

For instance, adjusting to a new environment like a room full of people, new seats, or bright lights can be very challenging for individuals on the Spectrum. They are often found to be very sensitive to new environments.

However, things like choosing a fashionable outfit which is their favorite makes them much more comfortable in such situations. A fashion outfit which children on the Spectrum pick themselves to wear, they feel much more mindful and helps to stay grounded.

In short, it helps them refrain from the sensory overload they might get due to the new environment.

Just looking at their own outfit can help them realize what little things bring them comfort and joy. It works like a coping mechanism. A way to divert the brain when it is overwhelmed.

How Should The Ideal Fashionable Clothes Feel Like for Children and Teens On The Spectrum?

Sensory Friendly

The ideal clothes for children and teens living on the Spectrum should feel very soft with no stiff edges or rough-edged labels. Outfits having flaps and pockets are ideal, something they can touch all day. Let them pick the color and lengths. 

Also, clothes which add a little pressure on the skin prove to be friendly for autistic children as it helps them curb the sense of anxiety and the feeling of fear.

Easy to Wear

Ease of wearing outfits is of major importance. Children and teens on the Spectrum have a hard time figuring out their fine motor skills. This is why something which is easy to slip on and take off takes off the complexity from their minds.

Fashion can be used for autism empowerment if used correctly and helps children and teens gain confidence.

Embracing autism with fashion is a breakthrough!


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